We had so much fun today watching our little niece play one of her last softball games of the season.  I have never captured any kind of sports photography before today.  It was actually pretty fun!  I loved watching her play and I actually caught her in action!  Nolan had a blast!  I don’t know if it was the game itself or if Grandpa Joe getting him some ice cream had anything to do with it.  I am so glad I was able to take these and by the way they WON this game!  This lead them to a championship game later that evening!  They won that game, too!!!

 Way to go, Greenwood All-Stars!  Champions 2016!

2016-07-31_0002 2016-07-31_0003 2016-07-31_0004

My Favorite!

2016-07-31_0005 2016-07-31_0006 2016-07-31_0007 2016-07-31_0008 2016-07-31_0009 2016-07-31_0010 2016-07-31_0011

Oh, little Hudson…so cute!  Nolan loves hanging out with his big cousin, Ethan.

2016-07-31_0012 2016-07-31_0013 2016-07-31_0014

Nice job, Avery!!!!