Lifestyle Engagement | Jenny+Michael

Lifestyle Engagement | Jenny+Michael

A little coffee, a little cooking, a little lifestyle.

A lifestyle session is one of my favorite things to shoot.  If you add in an incredibly adorable and in love couple to photograph, I am in heaven!  Seriously loved everything about this engagement session!  We can’t wait for your wedding day in just a few short weeks!


Taylor + Steve | Carmel Engagement Photographer

Taylor + Steve | Carmel Engagement Photographer

Meet this super adorable couple, Taylor and Steve!  And of course, their cute little puppy, Zoey.  This little dog of theirs actually has her own Instagram account @zoeythemaltipoo.  She was so tiny!  I was afraid I would step on her!  Seriously, check out her Instagram, you can’t get enough of that bundle of cuteness!

Steve is making his way through medical school and Taylor is an athlete for and a coach.  She actually just launched her own app, “Fitness By T.”  If you need a fitness coach, check it out!  They are an amazing couple and so in LOVE.  Taylor and Steve have been together for over 5 years and they got engaged a couple months ago!  It was a sweet engagement in the Japanese Gardens in Carmel, Indiana.  The family was hiding out close by and were able to witness the engagement.  How cute is it that Steve invited his family to the proposal?!?!  I love this!

Congratulations to Taylor and Steve!  I hope you enjoy your engagement session photo overload!  🙂

taylor chamberlain ig:  @taychayy

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Are you kidding me….so stinkin CUTE!

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THIS RING!!!!!  oh. my. goodness.

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We had so much fun with you both!  Thank you for choosing us for your engagement session!