The Crouch Family | Whitestown Lifestyle Maternity Photographer

The Crouch Family | Whitestown Lifestyle Maternity Photographer

I absolutely love lifestyle sessions and this is the perfect family to do this with!  This little family will welcome another little boy in the next month or so.  He is measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule, so possibly mid October.  I can’t wait to meet little Maxwell!  He is going to have 2 awesome big brothers (well, one being human and the other a sweet dog).  For those of you that don’t know Carter and Toby, you should really follow them on Instagram.  They are extremely cute together and I can’t wait to see what happens when Maxwell is added to this family!

instagram: @carterandtoby

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2016-09-26_0002 2016-09-26_0003

love you, Toby <3


Devin, you are one gorgeous Momma!

2016-09-26_0005 2016-09-26_0006 2016-09-26_0007 2016-09-26_0008 2016-09-26_0009

Little Max has the cutest little room

2016-09-26_0010 2016-09-26_0011 2016-09-26_0012 2016-09-26_0013 2016-09-26_0014 2016-09-26_0015

Seriously, look at them.  I love this one!

2016-09-26_0016 2016-09-26_0017

Of course, we wanted to end the session with some ice cream.

2016-09-26_0018 2016-09-26_0019 2016-09-26_0020 2016-09-26_0021 2016-09-26_0022 2016-09-26_0023 2016-09-26_0024 2016-09-26_0025

huff family | indianapolis maternity photographer

huff family | indianapolis maternity photographer

Meet the Huff family!  I love this family so much!  They are happy to announce that they are expecting a BABY BOY this coming January!  I am beyond excited for them!  Having 2 little boys myself, you know my love for little boys!  Their world is about to change 🙂  My boys and their girls are the same ages.  Now she is telling me that I need a 3rd baby, too!  Funny, girl..

I can’t wait to meet this sweet little boy!

Congratulations to the Huff Family!  We love you guys!


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Little outtakes are my favorite!  So funny!  What do you think they are saying…?